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Trajectory of Hope works from the inside out to demystify how the legacy of racism and injustice in America impacts Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC).  Our integrated approach uncovers implicit bias through community based research, training and coaching. Trajectory of Hope drives organizations to dismantle oppressive structures that uphold systemic racism in order to fuel institutional change.

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What we offer

research & data analysis 

 Needs Assessment and

Program Evaluation

affinity & groups

Processing Circles and

Critical Discourse

coaching & development

Facilitate Learning and Transformational Change



Data Analysis 

 Needs Assessment and

Program Evaluation

Trajectory of Hope conducts extensive research on organization and community structures while seeking to uncover the unconscious perceptions of key stakeholders. Comprehensive needs assessments and program evaluations are informed by authentic data gathered through observations, focus groups, in depth structured interviews, and statewide databases.   Summary findings are organized into cohesive themes and align with recommendations dictating concrete action steps. 

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Affinity Groups

Processing Circles & Critical Discourse

Processing circles provide an environment for holistic self-reflection and collective action.  Facilitators guide participants to unpack the lived experiences that have shaped and influenced their beliefs to uncover how implicit bias influences decision making.  Participants have the opportunity to process collective experiences and share individual narratives not traditionally discussed in an institutional setting.  This enables participants to connect around critical issues impacting BIPOC and act individually and collectively to address inequities.

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Coaching & Development

Facilitating Learning & Transformational Change

In support of the services articulated above, Trajectory of Hope provides an individualized, collaborative and responsive approach to professional development tailored to the unique needs of an organization.  Facilitators engage participants in transformative learning experiences that empower the individual to recognize and deconstruct the roots of implicit bias.  These services are offered in large group, small group, and individualized format and centered on a variety of different topics including but not limited to:

  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Social Emotional Learning

  • Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

"Trajectory of Hope's Educator Affinity group was so helpful and supportive to have a safe place to discuss challenging and nuanced students and situations."

Joey, teacher

check us out sharing on this panel!!

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